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A Leading Name In The Natural Mineral Water Industry

We, at Varahi Limited, believe that pure natural mineral water is the “Elixir of Life” for our bodies and the driving force of our Soul. We are pleased to present to you;

India’s most premium Natural Mineral Water Brands ‐IKSA, AQA, QUA, Ula, ICE, PVR Dive, Coffee Day Soul, Mizu, Sardar AQA, Taj AQA, Moonlight AQA, Tubig, Agua,

Vesi. Additionally, our Alkaline water brands are Alkua and Ional.

QUA is a trademark registered and owned by  , in which we hold the majority stake.

Varahi brings for you water which is pure, wholesome and has all the goodness of nature, unaltered.

Our water sourced from nature, which is high in calcium, bicarbonates, and magnesium that helps in better digestion.

Every drop of water that we produce goes through a multi-grade filtration process at the State-of-the-Art plant, using the latest technology.

Our natural mineral water is procured from a very deep layer in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and is naturally sweet in taste.

The fully automated filling, capping and sealing system ensure that the natural and original mineral composition of the water is maintained in every single bottle.

Our Natural Mineral Water Bottles

Our bottles are strong like PET fridge bottles and can be reused many times. They are made of FDA approved material and are BPA free.

Our quality standards are at par with the highest international standard. our facility is audited by NSF(USA), EQM(Emirates Quality Mark), UKAS(United Kingdom Quality Certification), BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards), and ISO. We are registered with FSSAI.

We believe in purity at source, bottling is aseptically packed and remains untouched by human hands.

Mahodar Beverages Pvt Ltd. is a part of the diverse Varahi Group. Varahi Limited is an ISO 22000‐2005 certified company with more than 3 decades of existence.

We specialize in the design and own several “WORLD PATENTS”. Our Designs have been registered in many countries including the USA and Canada.

We have also been awarded INDIA STAR the ASIA STAR and the WORLD STAR 2010 ‐ 2012 in Packaging Excellence for Design of Natural Mineral Water Bottle. (Best Packaged Water in the World).

Our Values

Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. There is no life without water.


Our vision is to further consolidate in the niche category of natural mineral water, besides and continue to create new designs of packaging.


Our mission is to create an exceptional customer experience in the provision of sustainable solutions vital to health and life.


Our core purpose is to provide our customers with safe and reliable water and wastewater services, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Nurtured water And Enriched By Nature

Mother Nature has bestowed one of nature’s most divine gifts from the Himalayas. The presence of nature’s minerals has been nurtured and enriched in every bottle of our Water.

The natural mineral water sourced from the pristine Himalayan foothills with its unique packaging brings you water that is 100% Pure for a good and healthy lifestyle.

Natural Mineral Water has its unique taste as it is bottled at the very source of the majestic Himalayan foothills in Solan Himachal Pradesh.

In today’s world of stress and pressures of urban life, it is important to stay healthy. Our Natural Mineral Water provides your body with essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

Remember, the human body loses essential minerals during the day through sweat. It is important to compensate for the human body by Varahi water to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Natural mineral water is naturally pure and has a composition of minerals that remain stable. The distinct mineral composition rejuvenates the body and ensures that the human body regularly receives its fresh dose of minerals.

It also has surprising properties that benefit many parts of the body! It may help improve blood cholesterol levels while the calcium content maintains strong and healthy bones. Natural Mineral Water with its natural taste is the first choice of the finest hotels and fine dining places across the country.

Make the right choice for your health.

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We, at Varahi Limited, are pleased to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers and bottlers of India’s most premium Natural Mineral Water Brands ‐Qua, Ula, ICE, PVR Dive, Coffee Day Soul, LBF, Iksa, Mizu, Sardar AQA, Taj AQA, Moonlight AQA, AQA Agua and Vesi.