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About Agnis Finewaters

AGNIS’s water sources are amongst the purest waters and environments on the planet. Our sources are exceptionally rare in characteristics. Sourced in extremely remote, unpopulated, and unpolluted parts of the world, AGNIS waters are no less than superior in virginality, which means the water is unspoiled by nitrate with 0mg per liter. We cherish our waters, the purest waters on the planet. Our water is rich in valuable minerals like calcium and magnesium, which is truly perfect for everyday hydration. That’s what makes Pure Drinking Water.

About Agnis Finewaters

We aspire to provide our customers with the highest quality pure drinking water treatment systems, technologies, and services while simultaneously conserving the resources. AGNIS’s goals and products are geared to people and their needs. The “You” in our motto stands for our customers, our business partners, and our employees.

Pure drinking water

Our Mission

AGNIS is facing all these challenges as a global company. Our mission is to develop resource-conserving, sustainable products, and services that treat existing water to supply it in the best possible quality. We also make existing water resources accessible where the water is required. Our professional water treatment turns contaminated water into high-quality pure drinking water, process water, or even purified water, depending on the need.

Our Vision

AGNIS’s vision is born of these aspirations and challenges: we want to become the world’s leading water technology group. To achieve this goal, we need to grow – in every respect.

Agnis Pure drinking water

Our Values

Serve & Inspire


Team Work



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Specifications Of AGNIS 20 Liters Packaged Pure Drinking Water

However, over the past 25 years, we expanded way beyond water, and today we’re the only company with a commercially available disposable, smart-caps solution for the pharma, beauty, cleaning, and additional industries. Today, Water can transform any bottle into a smart bottle – no matter if contains a liquid, powder, pill, or capsule. The company is founded & managed by full-time serial entrepreneurs and supported by part-time employees & sub-contractors.

Agnis Pure drinking water
Agnis Pure drinking water
Agnis Pure drinking water

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