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Natural Mineral Water

Purified By Nature And Delivered With Love

Our Natural Mineral Water has slowly journeyed through the heart of Himalayas for centuries to achieve its natural crystal clarity and natural sweetness. It possess rare restorative nano-particle elements which are drawn out from pressurized flowing aquifer, and its bottled in next few minutes. It remains unaltered from the point of origin until it reaches the final customer, We deliver it for you to experience goodness of nature in every drop.

Our Natural Mineral Water is bacteria free

Protection From Bacteria

Though our deep drawn water is from such depth that no bacteria can sustain or live under depth around. We ensure our water is bacteria-free at all processing of bottling stages.

Natural Mineral Water without any contamination

No Contaminants

The entire bottling process is done in highly control environment which ensure no possibility of any contamination.

We Have Automatic filling of our Natural Mineral Water

Automated Bottling Lines

Our bottling process is fully automated and hence, we deliver the highest possible quality Natural Mineral Water.

Meet our world patented Natural Mineral Water Bottles

We’re proud to introduce our 100% recyclable BPA free pet bottles* Why? Because it helps keep plastic out of oceans and landfills, and gives existing bottles a new life. Over and over again, when recycled.

* 200-ml, 250-ml, 500-ml, 1-liter, 1.5-liter bottles. Caps and labels are recyclable, but not yet made with recycled content.

Purity of our Natural Mineral Water

We bottled at the source and shipped directly to wherever you are. We believe that our natural mineral water has every potential to be a global brand and we are expanding our presence in the international markets.


Minerals In Our Water

Water sourced from Heart of Himalayas. Water that revives, restores and refreshes your senses. Our natural water is bottled at the source and shipped directly to wherever you are. One of the defining characteristics of our natural mineral waters is their original purity and safe to drink at source, in its natural state. The conditions under which our water is collected guarantees microbiological purity and taste, it is packed close to the point of emergence of the source and is completely free from any manipulations.

We Work To Offer The Best Customer Service

Online Ordering

Our online store is always open to customers who prefer to drink pure Natural Mineral Water. You can also order Water products via our partner's websites from amazon and flipkart.

Fast Delivery

As a result of consistent excellence in services, Varahi Natural Mineral Water provides you with faster and better delivery of products.

Best Service

Whatever we do, we ensure that customers come first, our team of experts are always ready to help you, contact us at +91 88000 70002.

What Our Client Say about our Natural Mineral Water

Yadav Shikha
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Varahi Mineral water company is awesome! I'm in my 3rd year as a customer, and i think of them as a family now. Every Week without fail they deliver the best water you've ever tested. When i call or text to company answer with real people, and they are extremly helpful.
Arti Rana
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I Love this varahi water, Its test so good! My skin look hydrated, my energy level is high. Great customer service.
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I used this varahi products and my experience was very nice. The water is naturally sweet in test with alkalinity. Apart from quality of product the packaging of product is super and premium.

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We, at Varahi Limited, are pleased to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers and bottlers of India’s most premium Natural Mineral Water Brands ‐Qua, Ula, ICE, PVR Dive, Coffee Day Soul, LBF, Iksa, Mizu, Sardar AQA, Taj AQA, Moonlight AQA, AQA Agua and Vesi.