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Alkua Alkaline Water


Ional Ionized Alkaline Water



“Ional” is a Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen water.

  • Alkaline Ionized water with an optimum pH of 9.
  • Born in the Himalayas Ionized Alkaline water enhanced with silver > 30mcg / 1000ml
  • Ional Alkaline water provides super hydration.
  • Ional is high pH water. Drinking this reduces the acid level in the body.
  • Water is bottled at the source, completely untouched by human hand.
  • This patented bottle is made of heavy FDA Approved BPA free PET and can be used as refrigerator bottle.



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1000ml-6Pack, 250ml-12Pack, 500ml-6Pack, 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml


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