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Drop natural mineral water

Drop Natural Mineral Water 200ml – 48 bottle Pack


AQA Natural Mineral water

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Alkua Alkaline Water



“Alkua” is a Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen water. Ionizing breaks the molecules and restructures them into micro clusters. This micro clustered water can be more easily absorbed into the cells of human body, much better than regular water. Thus it provides Super hydration. “Alkua” is around 9pH water; this reduces the acid level in the body.  Alkua is drawn out of the Himalayas and enhanced with Pure Silver >30mcg Per Liter. It contains Natural Mineral Electrolytes as residues.


  • Alkaline Ionized water with an optimum pH of 9.
  • Born in the Himalayas Ionized Alkaline water enhanced with silver > 30mcg / 1000ml
  • Alkua Alkaline water provides super hydration.
  • Alkua is high pH water. Drinking this reduces the acid level in the body.
  • Water is bottled at the source, completely untouched by human hand.
  • This patented bottle is made of heavy FDA Approved BPA free PET and can be used as refrigerator bottle.


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1000ml-6Pack, 250ml-12Pack, 500ml-6Pack, 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml


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