Private Labels
Private Label Process
Varahi Limited offers private labeled bottled water to businesses and organizations worldwide.
Having your own private label bottled water is a unique and affordable way to enhance your organization’s identity and to get your message to your audience.

Our prices are competitive, also if you optionally wish to make a profit on a resale of the products you purchased from us. We also offer an opportunity to have your PET bottle in any size and shape created – a unique solution only for you!

We supply our natural mineral water in a range of private label packaging options :

  • 200 ml bottles
  • 500 ml bottles
  • 1000 ml bottles
We have an efficient, robust, and flexible full-scale plant with a large capacity for producing bottles of all sizes and a groundwater source with a sustainable capacity of about one billion liters per year. Varahi Natural mineral water is procured from an aquifer. Bottled at the source, completely untouched by human Unique, refreshing taste that reminds one of water stored in earthen pots Naturally enriched, naturally soft with an optimum PH and higher alkalinity.

Read more about the Varahi water source and our water.

In addition to numerous agreements with smaller customers, we have an agreement with India on the supply of 5-liter cans with “Bare rent Vann” to India, the supply of 500 ml bottles to all Circle K’s 304 full-service petrol stations scattered throughout India, and supply of 5-liter cans to department store chain in India.

The order and production process :

  • You choose 200 ml or 500 ml or 1000 ml bottle.
  • The label artwork is submitted by email, or we design a label using submitted artwork and text.
  • The design is approved by you (if needed, after revision).
  • Labels are printed.
  • The private label bottled water products are produced.
  • The goods are shipped to you.
The delivery is done by shipping through national and international distributors or by common carrier. The shipping costs can be included in the pricing or you may arrange the shipping yourself.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want an offer from us! We´ll discuss your need and quote you a price. Call us direct at +91 88000 70002/5/6 or write an email to
Private Label Process steps
STEP 1 : Pick the Design & Volume of your Bottle(s)
 Our arrays of common molds.
Our unique design of Varahi Mineral Water Bottle that express the product concepts for Good health & Great Beauty.
 Have our expert team design and create a unique bottle for you.
STEP 2 : Pick your cap
 Choose from an array of colorful caps.
STEP 3 : Design your Label
 Use your designer
 Let us design for you
STEP 4 : Label Printing
 Use our standard bottle label printer
STEP 5 : Packaging
 Use a Stock box with printed label (B Quality)
 Buy a printed box (A Quality) or
 Wrap sealed
STEP 6 : Shipping
 Our company will ship your products to your warehouse or ship the products to your Fulfillment Company as designated.
Private Labels
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